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Pressure Points

Massage Therapy

Massage brings you back into your body, reducing physical and emotional tension and restoring balance.

Blending Swedish massage techniques and Ayurvedic pressure points together with relaxing breathwork to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and grounded.

If you have any particular areas of tightness or tension, I can also suggest some yoga poses to help ease these longer term.

Your treatment can also include a crystal bowl sound bath.

Back, Neck & Shoulder (30 mins)   £30

Full Body (60 mins)                          £45

Full Body & Sound Bath (90 mins)  £60

I loved my massage today!
It wasn't just a massage, it was a whole experience.
The sound bath really helped me forget about everything that I been busy with.
I liked the way that you got me to breathe to release tension and really appreciate the suggestions for yoga postures that would help.
I liked how you used pressure in certain points, especially on my feet and hands, it was like reflexology all mixed in.
I also loved the massage oil that you used!
I felt like the treatment was really personalised. It was a  really special experience. Thank you.
(ps …I fell asleep towards the end!  Soooo relaxed!)


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