Workshops, Courses & Retreats

One-off and monthly weekend workshops run at The Studio, which offer an ideal opportunity to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga.

“What a wonderful experience this was - totally engaging, relaxing, meditative and transformative.  I felt like I retreated from the world and re-entered it in a completely blissed out state!”

“Wonderfully delivered with the perfect mix of postures and meditation.  Ceri is very gifted and makes me feel relaxed and confident in her ability to help me find my way to great health and well being.”


Absolute Beginners
6 week course
with Emily

Tuesdays 9-10am,
starting January 7th
£45 for 6 weeks

Over 6 weeks you will experience the foundations of yoga, including breath, postures and simple flow sequences. Gently guided by Emily, this class takes inspiration from traditional hatha yoga combined with modern anatomy and movement styles.
Price includes handouts and course materials.

Rocket Yoga
with Damian Senior

Saturday 11th January
(then the first Saturday of each month)

Larry Schultz combined first, second and third series of Ashtanga Yoga and sequenced the poses around the joints of the body.
The Rocket practice encourages a smooth unbroken rhythm of breath and movement, and while it may appear to be a very physical practice it is actually leading us on a path of self-realisation. The Rocket, as the name indicates, gets you there faster. Larry says, "It's like an invisible force of energy, to help us reach our dreams and our goals." It adds in more strengthening abdominal moves which support your inversion practice, as well as lots of hip openers, backbends and twists to create a well-rounded body and mind. The Rocket sequences leave you with the feeling of being stronger, lighter and more flexible.

New Moon Yoga Ritual
with Ceri

Saturday 25th January

We gather in circle, with warming and delicious cups of ceremonial cacao, for a holistic, heart-centered candlelit practice.
Drawing on the themes of the new moon, blending moon salutations (chandra namaskar) with pranayama (conscious breathing), meditation and sankalpa (setting intentions) for a deeply relaxing, grounding and connected experience.

with Damian Senior

Sunday 26th January

Join Damian, a qualified Partner Acrobatics & Yoga teacher for this creative and inspiring partner-based  AcroYoga workshop, a practice that cultivates trust, play and community by combining yoga, acrobatics and therapeutics. Learn how to base a partner on your feet and hands whilst exploring yoga postures in a new and liberating way that we call flying.
If you're a nervous person, rest assured that Damian quickly gives you the confidence required to step out of your comfort zone. All shapes, sizes and ages are welcome. Just willingness to have fun is required. 
You don't need a partner to join this workshop. You'll be paired up with others on the day.

Wild Woman Circle
with Jools

Sunday 26th January

A monthly circle for women to gather, connect and relax around the time of the new moon with a different theme each month to include meditation, sharing and intention setting. These new moon circles are part of the international Wild Woman Project.

Find Your Bliss
with Ceri

Sunday 9th February

Monthly sessions blending breathwork, meditation, relaxation and crystal singing bowl sound healing, to quiet the mind and help find ease in the body.  Deeply relaxing and grounding, providing you with tools to manage physical pain or mental stress.
Please note that these sessions don't include yoga postures so you can choose either to sit on a chair or your yoga mat.
Bring a blanket and cushion and wear comfy warm clothes.

Mala Making Workshop
with Lucy

Saturday 23rd February

This is a slow craft workshop to help busy the hands and quiet the mind through a creative practice. It’s an opportunity to be mindful and focus your energy on making your own hand-knotted Mala necklace to take home with you.
Includes all materials for creating your own personal genuine crystal hand-knotted mala, an introduction to the history of Mala Meditation and crystal healing (the stones and their properties), a gentle yoga practice to find space in body and mind and a guided candlelit mediation, as we learn how to use our Mala as a tool for relaxation and self discovery.
Complementary homemade sweet treats, teas and coffee will be available throughout!





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